Correction oculaire 5mm pour 55/80/100 - photo-visuels


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Correction oculaire 5mm pour TS Spotting Scopes

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Spécifications: ... Focale 5mm / Angle de champ apparent 60 ° Grand Angle

WO MH 5mm - Fixed Magnification Eyepiece for TS Spotting Scopes
... for a bright, high contrast image

Specifications: ... Focal Length 5mm / Apparent Field of View 60° Wide Angle

Zoom eyepieces commonly supplied with many spotting scopes are very convenient for many applications, especially if the magnification needs to be changed quickly. However it is widely realized that a zoom eyepiece will not reach the same high level of image quality like a fixed magnification eyepiece. So if you want to get the most image sharpness and image brightness and clarity out of your TS Spotting scope, you should consider one or more of our fixed eyepieces.

In addition the fixed eyepieces form the basis for most of our camera adaptations. With the suitable adaptors (see below) you can connect almost all DSLR and compact digital cameras.

The eyepieces are connected to the spotting scope with an threaded adaptor ring - the eyepiece has a female M35 thread, the spotting scope has the corresponding male thread. Through this adaptation the eyepiece is automatically aligned properly on the optical axis of the spotting scope. Many other spotting scopes besides the TS Spotting Scopes have this adaptor thread.

Features of the TS WO Fixed Eyepieces from TS Optics:

-- Multi coating for high transmission and excellent colour fidelity
-- Long eye relief. The eyepieces have a constant eye relief of 17mm, which makes them suitable for eyeglass wearers
-- Rubber eyeguard for protection against stray light from the side, and also for better viewing comfort.
-- Relaxed viewing through large eye lenses and a tolerant viewing position. Little to no kidney beaning
-- M35x1 female thread for adaptation to spotting scopes

The eyepiece is compatible with the following TS Spotting Scopes:

TS SP 55Z  /  TS SP 80 Z  / TS SP 80 EDZ  /  TS SP 100 Z  /  TS SP 100 EDZ

In addition the eyepieces also fit many other spotting scopes from other brands, for example most of the Celestron spotting scopes.

Camera adaptor for TS Fixed Eyepieces 

Most DSLR cameras and compact digital cameras can be adapted to the fixed eyepieces. Usually the basis for the adaptation is the WO Fotoadapter.

For DSLR cameras you then need only a standard T2 ring.

We also offer adaptors from T2 to most of the common filter threads of compact cameras.

The left image shows an older version of the adaptor.


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